Schools in the Hampden, North Dakota Area

Throughout its history, several schools served the Hampden, North Dakota area. One was east of town, near Mr. Anna Lee's homestead. Another was to the south of Hampden, on land settled by the Lengeby family. This school was later moved to a Mackey quarter, then, after it closed, it was moved again, this time to the Mackey farm. The Hampden School was constructed in 1908, and its first principal was Kimball Keeping, who was killed in action during World War I.

Also serving the area were several Storlie Township schools. Storlie School Number 1 was built in the southeast corner of the northeast quarter of Section 11. Later it was moved south, where it operated until 1922. After it closed, it was taken into the Loma School District, then sold to Rev. Unseth. The last teacher who taught at that school was Miss Esther Bartel of Alsen. Others included Emma Smith of Loma, Mabel Heimbecker of Gordon Township, Nellie Sunderland of Fairdale, and Ester Gunderson of Northwood, who became Mrs. Thorval Ivereson.

Storlie School Number 2 was established in the fall of 1908, and was situated in the northwest quarter of Section 8, later moved to the northeast quarter of Section 15. From there, it was moved to the northwest corner of the southwest quarter of Section 28. This school was discontinued when the Hampden School District was reorganized, and it was moved to serve as a bus barn. The students who attended this school included Frances Clock, Evans Flott, Clinton Howes, Floyd Howes, Anna Harveland, John Harveland, Martha Harveland, Harland Meling, Agnes Peterson, Edna Peterson, Hazel Chambers, Grace Severson, Ella Kvall, Alida Harveland, Lloyd Clock, Myrtle Flott, Lois Howes, Hazel Howes, Iver Harveland, Ruth Harveland, Ruby Olson, Thressa Peterson, John Peterson, Myrtle Peterson, Alice Severson, Jordis Kvaal, and Petrolf Kvall. The Peterson family were known as Bjorland in their later years.

Storlie School Number 3 was built in 1903, and located on the northwest corner of Section 29, or about three and a half miles northwest of Hampden. Its first teacher was John Egge. This school was discontinued sometime before 1915, and sold to L.O. Flott, who used it as a granary.

Storlie School Number 4 began in 1902, in a small unfinished building on a big hill about a half mile north of the Elias Hasby farm, on land belonging to Nels Pearson, with Emily Ackre as its first teacher. Its next teacher was John Egge. School was held there for just a few months in the summer.

In 1904, it was decided to build a regular school building, to be placed in a more central location. Land was donated by Martin Mortenson, about two miles north, and one and a half miles east of Hampden. School officially opened in April of 1905, and as many as thirty-three students attended this school, with one teacher managing all eight grades in one term. Double seats were standard in the early school years. School was held continuously throughout the years, with eight-month terms, until 1950, when that portion of Storlie Township was consolidated with Hampden School District #34. The school building was then used as a township hall for many years before being moved to the Hampden City Park in 1976 to be restored. The teachers from 1905 to 1950 were John I. Egge, Oscar Olson, Annie Mikkleson, Emma Wendt, Flora Walsh, Mae Gerke, Charles Gunderson, Ida L. Haibeck, Bertha Freeman, Johanna Overby, Hilda Norum, Emma Smith, Minnie Smith, Ella M. Campbell, Lydia Crockett, Laura Lund, Aileen More, Faye Bently, Ruby Walden, Carl Skjerva, Marie Amoth, Ingred Midtmoen, Roger Furbur, Meta Bruers, Mildred Storlie, and Meta Bruers Hasby, the last teacher.

Information derived primarily from:

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