Ladies Aid

Zoar Lutheran Ladies Aid Society

Another important organization was the Zoar Lutheran Ladies Aid, an arm of the Zoar Free Lutheran Church. Although no early records of the organization survived, it is believed that the organization began in the summer of 1902. Its original members included Mrs. Soren Iverson, Sr., Mrs. Hans Thompson, Mrs. Martin Mortenson; Mrs. Iver Iverson, Sr and Mrs. Carl Olson. Mrs. Iver Iverson was elected president because she had spent sometime in the Arvig parsonage in Adrian, Minnesota. In 1909, Mrs. Hans Boe supervised a supper, the proceeds going to purchase lamps for the church. The members of the organiation worked hard and took their turns in serving. The Ladies Aid group contributed to the quotas of the church schools, missions and local church work.

The church was moved from the northwest part of town to a location one block south of Main Street in 1940, and new pews were purchased, largely through funds raised by the Ladies Aid organization, which also raised money to buy paneling, carpeting and remodeling. They also gave more than their quota to support the national headquarters of the church in Minneapolis, to foreign and home missions, the theological seminary, and to the Women's Missionary Federation.

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